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23 Jul 2017

Cool Places to Wear Your Hockey Jerseys and Support the NHL


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Posted By Audrey E.

Hockey is a great sport, possibly the best sport in the history of sports, but it doesn't get as much publicity as it should. People just don't seem to be interested in the high speed, high skill, high intensity, high impact game that is hockey and so television networks aren't broadcasting as many games and the games they do broadcast aren't very good. As hockey fans we need to try and gather support for our favorite sport. We need to wear our hockey jerseys whenever we can (without looking like fools) so that everyone knows we love hockey and those who love us will eventually love it too.

Your hockey jerseys are symbols of your devotion to your favorite team and should be worn whenever possible but the main place they need to be worn is at the stadium when you go to watch your team play. You need to put it on before you leave the house so that as you're traveling to the stadium all of the pedestrians will know that you are a hockey fan and you support your team. Cheer loudly and cheer proudly while sitting in the stands with your hockey jersey on.

Beer and hockey go very well together and that's why you should always try to wear a hockey jersey when you head out to your favorite sports bar. Hang out with all of your buddies at the bar and have a few cold ones and talk about all the best hockey plays. Speak loudly and boast about your favorite team. Try to get the rest of the bar involved and make sure that the televisions are playing hockey and not something stupid like basketball.

This should be a no brainer but if you are a hockey fan you should also love playing hockey. That means you're going to get out on the rink, be it ice or cement, and play hockey as much as you possibly can. That also means that you should be wearing your hockey jerseys out on the rink as much as possible too. I like to own one home and one away jersey so that I can switch colors during pick up games to balance the teams.

Even if you're a boring old couch potato who does nothing but watch sports and Oprah all day you can still show your dedication to the great sport of hockey by wearing your jerseys around the house. Wear them in your underwear and wear them to bed, wear them while you're sitting at the computer reading the latest statistics and wear them while you eat chips in front of the television. If you don't wear them at home you'll never wear them in public.

The possibilities are endless for wearing your hockey jerseys. The great thing about them is that they are so artistic and so brilliant that they are a fashion statement to wear them. Movie stars and super models have worn hockey jerseys in famous movies and there is no excuse for you not to wear them if you support your team. Support the NHL and get people talking about how much you love hockey.


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